Mayra Feddersen, Luisa Feline Freier

Publicado el 26 de julio de 2023



Is there empirical evidence for a liberal paradigm that informs South American immigration governance? And how does this paradigm relate to other ideas on managing immigration? Based on Pécoud’s (2020) categorization of immigration governance philosophies, and the content analysis of all final declarations of the South American Conference on Migration between 2000 and 2022, we confirm a dominant liberal paradigm in the region. We further find that in South America, Pécoud’s global rights-based philosophy operates as a hinge between three other philosophies: the free (non) governance of migration, anti-migrant governance, and managerial/development global migration governance philosophy. Through our analysis, we demonstrate the applicability of Pécoud’s (2020) immigration governance philosophies to a major immigrant receiving region in the Global South, and contribute to the ideational literature by showing how paradigms and philosophies represent ideational building blocks that can be combined, merged, and adapted by political actors to different regional contexts.

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