María Elvira Cárdenas, María Olaya Grau-Rengifo, Nicolle Alamo Anich, Margarita Bernales Silva, Eleonora López Contrerase, Bárbara Donoso Vargas, Alicia Veas Flores, María Florencia Grau-Rengifo


Considering the need to listen to migrant children, we examined from their point of view the difficulties and vulnerabilities they and their families faced during the quarantines during the covid-19 pandemic in Chile; during these quarantines, they attended classes remotely, online or through work guides. We conducted semi-structured interviews with thematic scripts -using graphic techniques- with 37 migrant children from Latin America, and performed content analysis. We showed that migrant families, from the children's point of view, have been exposed to difficulties and concerns (given the physical distance between family members), economic vulnerabilities, lack of family networks and difficulties in organizing productive and reproductive work; in each case from the objective and subjective points of view.