Lines of research

Through a collaborative effort that brings together senior researchers with younger scientists, undergraduate students, postdoctoral fellows and graduates from renowned national and international universities, we will contribute to expanding the frontier of knowledge and scientific evidence into policy recommendations in the following three areas:

legal frictions

In this line, we are working to identify the legal, institutional and labor market imperfection barriers for the integration of immigrants, with emphasis on the study of how the legal awareness of the migratory status determines the accessibility and change of labor and financial positions of immigrants, as well as to what extent fintech technologies can facilitate the labor and economic integration of immigrant groups.

cultural and institutional frictions

In this line, we seek to characterize the process of immigrant integration, specifically the integration of children into the school system; the access of immigrants to financial services and labor markets; and the contribution of highly educated immigrants (such as physicians) to the strengthening of state capacities through the provision of public goods and services.

discrimination and perception

This line seeks to examine local public attitudes and perceptions towards immigration, focusing on potential gaps and their impact in areas such as security, education, finance and the labor market, and to assess the effectiveness of innovative interventions to address misperceptions about immigration.