This seminar seeks to explore and understand the Photovoice methodological alternative. This activity is intended to be a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in a methodology that integrates active community participation and visual expression as tools for analysis and the promotion of social change.
Researcher Olaya Grau participated as a speaker in the research colloquium on Human Mobility organized by the School of Nursing of the School of Medicine of the Pontificia Universidad Católica.
Olaya Grau participates in the live organized by the Migration Policy Center, where the situation of migrant children and adolescents was analyzed, together with Daniela Ortega, Child Protection Officer of @unicef_chile.
The LM2C2 and Migra Millennium Nuclei joined forces to hold a discussion on the migration phenomenon in Chile and the world, its main challenges and problems, focusing on work and opportunities.
Seminar as part of the series of talks on Intercultural Education, Migration and Borders sponsored by Migra.
The principal researcher of the Migration Nucleus, Mayra Feddersen, together with Tomás Greene, launched the second edition of the Migration Law Manual, which gathers the changes that have been generated in the Chilean migration regulatory framework in recent years.